Right Of Revocation

Right Of Revocation

You have the right to revoke your order in fourteen days after you placed it without giving any reason and without penalty.

The fourteen-day-period spoken of begins when the customer or an acquaintance of the customer accepts the goods from the delivering party.

To use the right of revocation a customer has to give a clear statement (e.g. a postal letter, telefax, email) that they want to revoke the contract. It is also possible email us  on the Black Lion Website. If you use this right of revocation in any of the previously stated ways,Black Lion Records will, after receiving it, immediately acknowledge such via email or another suited means of communication. To use the right of revocation it is only necessary that you send your notice of revocation to us before the end of the aforementioned 14 day period.

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Consequences of revocation

If the customer uses their right of revocation, all costs Black Lion Records Sweden has received by the customer up unto this point (excluding extra cost resulting from choosing a different method of delivery than the standard method) will be completely refunded immediately and not later than fourteen (14) days after receiving the message of revocation from the customer. This refund will use the same method of payment the customer selected for the preceding order if not some other method of payment has been agreed upon in the process of revocation. The process of refunding will in no way create additional cost for the customer.

Black Lion  holds the right to refuse refunding the customer until the goods in question have been received by Black Lion  Records or until the customer can prove that they have send the goods to Black Lion , depending on which is the first to occur.

The customer has to send back the revoked goods immediately or within fourteen (14) days of the revocation of the contract to Black Lion Records Adress listed  The period of revocation stands if the customer sends back the goods in question within fourteen (14) days of the message of revocation.

The customer bears the immediate cost of return.

The customer has to account for a possible diminished value of the goods revoked if this loss in value is attributable to the customer examining the condition of the goods, their features and functionality in any other way than what was necessary to ascertain these conditions.